Convert -13e-21 to decimal number

Here you will see step by step solution to convert -13e-21 scientific number to decimal. -13e-21 conversion to decimal is -0.000000000000000000013, please check the explanation that how to convert -13e-21 to as a decimal.

Answer: -13e-21 as a decimal is

= -0.000000000000000000013

How to convert -13e-21 to number?

To convert the scientific notation -13e-21 number simply multiply the coefficient part[-13] with by 10 to the power of exponent[-21]. Scientific notation -13e-21 is same as -1.3 × 10-20.

Solution for -13e-21 to number

Follow these easy steps to convert -13e-21 to number-

Given scientific notation is => -13e-21

e = 10

-13 = Coefficient

-21 = Exponent

=> -13e-21 = -1.3 × 10-20
= -0.000000000000000000013

Hence, the -13e-21 is in decimal number form is -0.000000000000000000013.

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