29 percent as a fraction

Here you will see step by step solution to convert 29 percent into fraction. 29 percent as a fraction is 29/100. Please check the explanation that how to write 29% as a fraction.

Answer: 29% as a fraction is

= 29/100

How to convert 29 percent to fraction?

To convert the 29% as a fraction form simply divide the number by 100 and simplify the fraction by finding GCF. If given number is in decimal form then multiply numerator and denominator by 10^n and simplify it as much as possible.

How to write 29% as a fraction?

Follow these easy steps to convert 29% into fraction-

Given number is => 29

  • Write down the 29 in a percentage form like this:
  • 29% = 29/100
  • Since, 29 is a whole number, we also need to check to simplify the fraction.
  • Greatest common factor [GCF] of 29 and 100 is 1, so this is the simplest form is 29/100.

Conclusion: 29% = 29/100

Therefore, the 29 percent as a fraction, final answer is 29/100.

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